For most people football ends long before you want it to. In fact I used to think of it in terms of football being done with you. The sport has molded you and impressed upon you certain values and lessons before it releases you into the world. Like a baby bird being released from the nest, soon to find out you’re not quite ready and as you plummet to the earth, desperately grasping for something football. This website is my last grasp so to speak, a way for me to fly off into pure fandom detached from the inter workings of the game. 

When I first thought football was done with me I was a senior in high school and after we lost in the playoffs I tried to quit cold turkey. I gave away everything I owned that tied me to football and was bitterly done with it. I didn’t pursue college football for three reasons: 1. When my family played pretend football games growing up in the front yard we were always my home town. I grew up wanting nothing more than to play for my town. 2. I was under the impression that I couldn’t afford it. In hindsight this was incredibly stupid. College life still left me a hefty bill I can’t really afford. 3. Lastly I wasn’t very big so I didn’t have that many options anyway. 

In college my dad continued coaching at the high school level and I couldn’t help but gravitate to the scout films and long schematic conversations with him. Football for us was like an awesome puzzle that left clues and tidbits of information to be deciphered. I love coming up with a plan, figuring out how to work the plan in practice, and eventually executing and adjusting the plan during a game. I started coaching and collecting all sorts of “great ideas” in all aspects of a contest. I enjoy debating schemes and strategy as if I am some kind of football nerd. 

Football left me again. I made the decision to end it this time around though. Like a soap opera no one wants to watch I wanted to take control of the relationship and get serious. She had other plans and went in other directions, twice. I just didn’t want to deal with the rearranging and learning each other again so I left. I tried to fill the void left with family, fishing, reading, BBQ, road races, etsy, exercise, you name it I tried it. My mind just won’t let go of football thoughts. Worse yet my dad has finally decided to end his coaching career after twenty nine years. Our beloved hobby for the first time in a long time is gone, and while I’m enjoying my summer taking my family on all sorts of trips, I can feel the loss. It’s like we left on good terms but she had a couple of my DVDs still and I just know I won’t be getting those back. It’s like when I breathe in it’s never all the way like it used to be.  

I’m hoping that anyone who loves football might follow this and me around Southwest Michigan watching the great game of football in my quest to become a regular old fan again. 

It might be done with me but I’ll never stop supporting football. 


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