The Games

Game 7 Bangor at Hartford Sept. 23rd

This week I’m staying close to home. I’m heading up to Kalamazoo with my family to watch Western Michigan play on Saturday and it’ll be my family’s first college football game. Since I have two young girls that I’m hoping will have a great time and ultimately fall in love with my favorite sport, I’ll need my energy. Friday’s game where Bangor travels to Hartford’s homecoming is an easy game to attend with a ton of questions. At the time I’m writing this I haven’t seen or heard much of Hartford. I know they have their second coach in as many years and we’re looking to change both the offense and defense this year. A quick walk through the local grocery store though and I have a bit more information, one of the perks of living in a small town. Hartford is sporting a three man front on defense which could help against the spread teams like the one they’ll be facing Friday. Hartford is also showing a bunch of different things on offense and it sounds like it might be option based. With there being a new coach there just isn’t anything for me to watch on the Internet to see for myself and I’m not going to peek in on a practice, that’s just weird. 

Bangor is a bit more of a known thing for me even though they have some major questions as well. For starters long time Bangor standout athlete Jondell Jones graduated leaving a really big hole for the Vikings to fill. Who is going to play quarterback in their spread system? Who replaces their biggest offensive weapon of the past few years? They had a freshman take several snaps at the position last year who made solid decisions and proved to be an effective passer, but he just isn’t old enough to be the runner Jones was. Defensively Bangor could look very similar to Hartford sporting a 3-5 that can morph into several different looks depending on what the offense is showing them. A decent amount of turnover will take place at other positions giving way to a pretty new look Bangor for this season but remember Bangor always has speed on their team and this year should be no different. 

Historically speaking this game leans heavily in Hartford’s favor. Since the new millennium Hartford has made the playoffs twelve times whereas Bangor has gone to the postseason only twice. Head to head you have to go back to 2005 to find the last time Bangor won this matchup. 

So while the game is a bit of a mystery, the one thing I’m most looking forward to is the brat tent Hartford has during the homecoming game. I love grilled outdoor foods like this and Hartford’s spread is fantastic. For the longest time I’ve never gotten a chance to go through the line because of coaching. Come to think of it almost all of the homecoming festivities will be new to me. I’ve never seen the parade, the halftime crowning of homecoming royalty, and really anything band related for the most part. I was always so busy in the past I missed these moments and it’ll be a different experience to say the least. If you’re coming to the game come say hi, after all that’s what homecoming is all about. 


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